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As a media-management major, A. Hitzler was always interested in how the algorithm of social media platforms, in particular instagram, is working. Since day one, she was reading the internet and any book about social media marketing. She began to summarize her results and felt the desire to build her own – to share her knowledge and help others to grow.

In the beginning of 2017, A. Hitzler founded her own freelancing social media agency specialized in instagram marketing. She was always interested in how the algorithm of instagram works.

Since March 2018, Ann-Kathrin and her team consolidate with InstaReichweite – their partner agency since day one.

Now, with combined knowledge, power, and the best team of marketing experts and it-specialists – today – they have grown over 500 instagram accounts.

Whether Bloggers, Influencers, Business-Men, Network-Marketers, Entrepreneurs, international Brands, Start-Ups – every single account that creates content deserves to be seen!


Your business is on Instagram, but do your customers know who you are?

  • We reach out to Instagram users in your target demographic.
  • Massively grow your Instagram business the natural way.
  • And help you convert followers into loyal customers.




We introduce your brand to thousands of people each and every month.

Within the first 2-3 weeks you will already notice up to 500% more activity on your profile.

All you have to do is post crave-worthy photos and videos. And we connect you with Instagram users most relevant to your business, and introduce them to your brand.

No fake accounts, and no spam. We grow your Instagram the natural way – 100% organic.

We find the communities that will be interested in your business, the people most likely to become your customers.




It takes about 7 impressions before a consumer decides to buy your product or visit your shop.

Through automated Likes, Comments and DM’s we reach out to real people, interested in what you have to offer, introduce them to your brand and have them engaged in meaningful conversations.

We don’t just grow your audience. We get you loyal fans that keep coming back.

And once you’ve amassed a large fan base, convert them to loyal customers with photos and videos that make people go “wow” (and come back for more).

Save your business hundreds of hours with our automated, done-for-you Instagram Marketing Service.

Imagine how long it would take you or one of your employees to like 700 pictures , to follow

600 accounts and write 200 comments each and every day to keep your community engaged

and attract new followers to your account.

And that’s not even taking finding the right audience and monitoring your competitors into account.

Outsource your Instagram marketing to our team of experts, and get back to what matters the most: running your business.


Core-Team InstaReichweite

Florian Bornschier
Founder, InstaReichweite
  • managing director
  • Vienna, Berlin
  • business development
  • computer scientist


  • clever fit deutschland
  • mens health
  • flobro fitness | blog & podcast
Alexander Brechtl
Co-Founder, InstaReichweite
  • managing director
  • Wuppertal
Nadine Bechheim
Customer Management
  • customer management
  • marketing strategist
  • online shop specialist





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